Easy No-Cost Decorating Tips

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Easy No-Cost Decorating Tips
A well-decorated home is something most homeowners strive for, but finding the perfect decor often comes with a less-than-perfect price tag. If you want to express your personal style, elevate your aesthetic and simply enjoy your home more, there are easy ways to decorate without spending a fortune. These no-cost decorating tips will lead the way.

Color Coordinate Your Bookcase
If you need an extra visual interest in your space, look no further than your trusty bookshelf. Having your books organized by color can provide an extra pop in an otherwise bland part of the room. Color blocking your books may not be for the faint of heart or avid alphabetizers, but it is a unique and beautiful way to display all of your favorite reads.

Borrow From Another Room in the House
You might be skeptical about borrowing favorite decor items from each room—after all, if your favorites are proudly displayed in your living room, what will your bedroom look like? However, if your eye-catching pieces are simply intertwined with random items and not displayed in a truly cohesive way, you are doing them a disservice. Feel free to borrow from other rooms to create a focal area that highlights your personal style.

Go Minimal
Sometimes, less truly is more. Take a page from the minimalist trend and enhance your home’s style by only keeping the items you truly need or enjoy. Letting go of the extras can elevate your space by allowing your minds’ eye space to breath. A cluttered room, no matter what it features, loses its beauty.

Upcycle an Item
While you are decluttering, take a look at the items you do not use anymore. Could one be used in a new way? Recover a throw pillow with a scarf or leftover fabric for a completely new look or hang that antique quilt on the wall for everyone to see. Items you already own may be the key to beating a decor rut, if you simply think outside the box.

Decorating doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You just have to use a little creativity and not be afraid to search your house looking for new inspiration. You never know what decor options may be waiting to come to life.